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Our Focus

‘To prevent & reverse chronic lifestyle diseases through proper diet modification’

What are the leading causes of death globally? Heart Disease, Strokes, Cancer, Diabetes and other chronic lifestyle diseases.


In our human evolution, we have past the point where our life expectancy continues to rise year after year & now in some countries like in the USA children are no longer expected to live as long as their parents are. In the developed world, food shortages have become food abundance, we are spoiled by the number of choices we have and when given a choice we tend to go for things that are bad for us! It is not our fault, the cheapest and most available items on shelves are normally highly processed food with little nutritional value.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Let us look at what we can do.

There are 7 main risk factors generally associated with chronic diseases, all of which can be measured at home or in a lab. We have taken age & gender out of the list because these are 2 risk factors along with our genetics that we are unable to control. Males tend to have higher risk for heart disease & generally our risk increase with age!

It is recommended if you are aged above 30, you should check these at least once a year to track the trend of your risk factors and progression.

  1. Blood Pressure

  2. Cholesterol Levels

  3. Blood Sugar

  4. Duration of exercise/week (no. of minutes)

  5. Consumption of fruits & vegetables/day (no. of servings)

  6. Body weight or BMI

  7. Smoking

Let us look at the current health conditions in the USA as a benchmark for where we could be heading if we do not change our food choices. As the rise of fast food and cheaper highly processed foods continue to enter the market each year most countries are slowly moving towards what is defined as the Standard American Diet (SAD)

As the statistics for America is easily available we would like to share some of the health statistics:

  • 70% of Americans are overweight or obese

  • 1/3 American children are overweight or obese

  • 70 million Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure), which elevates their risk for strokes and heart attacks

  • 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes

  • Current trend suggests 1/3 Americans will have Type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes

Let’s go back to taking health into our own hands by making the right food choices.

It starts with just 1 meal at a time!!

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