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Our Philosophy

‘Let Food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food’

This concept was something understood a very long time ago before western medicine. The food choices that we make on a daily basis, will have long lasting impact on our overall general health. Can you think of anything else we do quite as frequently as eating every single day? Thus, our ancestors seemed to also understand generations ago that the food choices we make impact our lives significantly.

So, what does Pranaa Food offer?

Plant powered home-cooked meals!

All of our dishes are 100% vegan, void of any form of animal products: including all types of meat (chicken, fish, beef, pork), any forms of dairy (cheese, milk, yoghurt etc) and also without the use of eggs. Sourcing from only plant food sources is a much more energy efficient & long term more suitable diet for our rapidly growing global population. Plants also contain the largest abundance & diversity of all the minerals, vitamins & micronutrients which we require for a healthy diet.

High Fiber, Zero Cholesterol!!

Another huge difference between animal & plant sources is that only plants contain fiber. Fiber is something found within the cell wall of plants, unfortunately animal cells do not contain a cell wall & therefore do not contain any fiber. The reverse of this is true when looking at dietary cholesterol. Animal products contain cholesterol within their cell structures but plants do not.

Therefore, we recommend always choosing unrefined carbohydrates, where the skin - cell wall or ‘fiber’ has not yet been removed from the product. This is only usually done to improve the taste or texture, but reduces the health benefits of the food. Good examples for unrefined carbs: Quinoa, Brown Rice, Buckwheat Noodles, Whole-wheat Pasta, Millet & other natural grains.

No Cooking Oil in our Pantry!

We want to differentiate that while we are 100% Vegan, we also do understand that this is not the only basis for healthy food. Deep fried highly processed vegan snacks full of sugar & salt would also not be optimal for long term health. Cooking oils are high in saturated fat & when used with high heat during cooking food their chemical compounds tend to cause atherosclerosis: the buildup of fats, cholesterol & other substances in your artery walls. This increases your risk factor for heart disease, stroke & other chronic lifestyle diseases.

Pranaa have found other creative ways of preparing the food – baking in the oven, air frying, stir frying with plain vegetable stock, using chili pastes as the main base ingredient & making food with coconut milk instead of oil!

Come try out what the plant based diet looks like today!!

Fried Cauliflower
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