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Clean Vegan Food in Bangkok

If you are on a quarantine health kick, you might have made the decision to try “going vegan” for a while. Good decision! Your mind and body will thank you. Now the vital question is: who has the best and most varied clean vegan food delivery service in Bangkok? The answer is easy – Pranaa!

Now that you know who to order from, the question is what to order for your lunch and dinner. One of the biggest fears for people jumping into a healthy lifestyle is boredom and taste. People wrongly assume that vegan food is bland and repetitive, “Ugh, beans again!”. Let us assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Going vegan does not mean you have to forego the pleasures of a varied and tasty diet. Quite the opposite! Vegan food is rich in textures, flavours, colours and aromas. Here at Pranaa, we have three categories of food to satisfy your hunger: Western, Thai and Asian. From amongst these three, you are sure to find a tasty meal to fill your belly and not explode your wallet. Best of all, our diet vegan food delivery service comes with all the dietary information you will need to make smart choices. For each menu item on our website, you can see the full list of ingredients, along with the number of calories, carbs, protein and fat in each serving.

Thai Veganism

Being vegan in Thailand is easy. Fresh fruit stands are ubiquitous, local produce markets are abundant and the demand for organic items is on the rise. As the Thai culinary arts are naturally inclined towards nutritionally balanced meals bursting with vegetables, it is always possible to get at least one vegan option in any Thai restaurant. The array of existing Thai dishes that can be easily modified to a vegan diet are truly endless. So whether you’re trying vegan food delivery or heading to a restaurant, you should have no problem ordering a tasty feast. The only problem is what the food is cooked with. Thais tend to use fish sauce in most dishes, so be sure to speak up to avoid this in your food. The easiest thing to do is to tell people up-front that you are vegan. This is surprisingly easy to do in Thailand as the concept of veganism, or "jay",​ has been around for hundreds of years (it’s also known as the Buddhist Diet). Let people know that you are vegan by saying “chan gin jay” (women) / “pom gin jay” (man). Some classic Thai vegan dishes that you’ll be able to enjoy are tofu padthai, pineapple fried rice, corn fritters, squash pad thai, pumpkin curry, tofu noodle soup with lemongrass, vegetable green curry, sweet potato yellow curry, mixed vegetable stir-fry and tom yum spicy soup. You see, we were not lying at the beginning of this article when we said vegan food was anything but bland and dull!

Western Veganism

In the West, people seem to have a hard time letting go of classic dishes, so they recreate them in vegan form! For example, burgers, lasagna, burritos, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, dumplings, gnocchi, pies, cakes, puddings and on and on. And why not? Just because you do not want to eat animal-derived products like meat, fish, eggs, honey and cheese doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good stuff. Mother nature has bestowed on vegans a bounty of delicious and versatile staples: vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, cereals, rice, soy, oils and dark chocolate! Whether you are just stepping into the world of veganism for yourself or perhaps hosting some vegan friends for dinner, do not panic, there are plenty of options out there. Think about plant-based curries, soups, stews, risottos, pastas and stir-frys as your starting point. If you get “creative” you can still use traditional recipes as well, just substitute red kidney beans for ground beef in spaghetti, use fried tofu to stuff your tacos, and quinoa or chickpeas to make your burger. You are only limited by your imagination! The key is using different types of seasonings and condiments to get the required flavour and texture of the real thing. Just be sure to check labels first as many everyday household staples like mayonnaise and mustard are not vegan-friendly.

Eat It All!

The joy of eating via Pranaa, besides the convenience of our online service, is that you can have it all! That is right, our extensive menu includes both Thai and Western dishes, so you do not have to choose. You can mix‘n’match to create a palate-pleasing menu tailored to your preferences and delivered directly to your door. If you’re now keen to give vegan food a go and need help sourcing healthy and balanced meals options, we can help. Our food delivery service is available every day. Here are some examples of our mouth-watering Western and Thai/Asian vegan lunch and dinner offerings: Western :

  • Poke bowl

  • Quinoa Burger

  • Mexican Burrito

  • Fajita Wrap

  • Shepherd Pie

  • Beyond Burger

  • Avocado Quinoa Bean Salad

  • Chickpea Stew & Cauliflower Rice

Thai / Asian :

  • Lard Na

  • Tofu Son Krueng

  • Kaeng Kua Mushroom

  • Chickpea Panang & Roti

  • Tofu Nung See Ew

  • Stir-fry Pumpkin with Kao Lao

  • Tikki Burger

  • Spiced Millet & Kofta

  • Teriyaki Mushroom with Garlic Rice

If this list of delicious items has whet your appetite, jump on over to our homepage to check out our full menu and to place your first order.

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