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The Pranaa Way

Being ‘health-conscious’ has become somewhat of a trendy undertaking the past few years, which is A-Okay with Pranaa, as our mission is to introduce people to long-term healthy living.

However, what people need to understand is that being healthy isn’t a fad, it’s a “whole lifestyle”. To be healthy and fit, you need to adopt a lifestyle that encourages healthy eating and physical exercises throughout.

This is not something you achieve in a couple of days. It will take you months or years, depending on your level of commitment. Consistency, determination and motivation are vital to being healthy and fit.

The real challenge is in maintaining this lifestyle over the long-term. Eating healthy and exercising for a week just won’t cut it. There are things you need to observe every day to keep your body fit and healthy. You must adopt the right kind of habits, activities, mindsets and resources to help you maintain your chosen lifestyle. This might sound overwhelming but don’t be scared. This is achievable. Let Pranaa help you get started with the nutrition part.

We are a healthy meal delivery service in Bangkok. Since 2018 we have been preparing fresh home-cooked meals every morning and delivering them to our customers’ doorstep around Bangkok.

Nowadays, clean food options are in abundance; alas, most such purveyors focus on calorie restriction, to help people lose weight, which we believe is not as sustainable as eating a complete meal and can have long-term physical and psychological consequences. While our expertly prepared meals include low-calorie density food groups and can aid in weight loss, our primary focus is on the long-term health of our customers.

All our meals are completely vegan; they do not contain any animal products. Pranaa follows the plant-based whole food (PBWF) diet lifestyle approach to good health. PBWF is a diet which eliminates the consumption of all animal products: all meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, eggs and the limiting in use of cooking oils, sugars and salts. The diet plan relies heavily on the inclusion of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, legumes, nuts, herbs and spices. Full nutritional information along with calories and macronutrients are provided for each of our meals. We also list out ingredients for each of our dishes. Pranaa offers an international range of menu items, consisting of Thai, Asian and Western options every day. Our philosophy is that, even if you’re following a healthy food diet, it doesn’t mean you need to eat boring or dull food, which is often the misconception with a vegan/PBWF lifestyle. Our healthy food online service covers most of the Bangkok CBD for free and certain postcodes can be reached with an additional delivery fee. If you are out of our delivery zone, fresh meals can still be delivered using a third-party delivery provider.

Our meal service plan doesn’t have any lock-in subscription policy so you can order at your own discretion. Pranaa aims to be the best service provider for tasty, clean and healthy food, especially for consumers who adopt or just get started with the vegan or plant-based diet in their daily lifestyle. We offer two delivery timings each day (lunch: between 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and dinner: between 5:30 - 7:30 pm) and ensure that the menu selections are not the same every day, so customers have a variety of options to choose amongst. Please check out some of our delicious menu options below or click here to see our menu for this week: Lunch :

  • Tofu Nung See Ew

  • Chole with Pita Break

  • Mexican Burrito

  • Fajita Wrap

  • Beyond Meat Burger

  • Vegan Shepherd Pie

  • Passionfruit Salad

  • Brownie

  • Mushroom Soup

  • Coconut Smoothie

  • Red Smoothie

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Dinner :

  • Stir-fry Pumpkin with Kao Lao

  • Vegetable Pulao & Black Daal

  • Chickpea Stew & Cauliflower Rice

  • Poke Bowl

  • Beyond Meat Burger

  • Vegan Shepherd Pie

  • Avocado Quinoa Bean Salad

  • Mushroom Soup

  • Brownie

  • Green Smoothie

  • Yellow Smoothie

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie

You can order our meal daily and up to a week in advance. Visit our how to order page to get started.

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