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Woke, Bespoke & Never Broke - Deconstructing The Myth Behind Expensive Vegan Lifestyles In Bangkok

Start Shopping at Local Markets

Local markets often offer plant-based/vegan food options at lower prices than you would find at larger supermarkets. Look for seasonal fruits and vegetables that are cheaper when in season, as well as staple vegan ingredients such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Some markets may also sell meat alternatives like tofu, seitan or tempeh which can provide a difference in your meals. If you visit the same market regularly it’s possible to form a relationship with vendors over time and purchase from them on an ongoing basis.

When shopping in Bangkok, it’s important to utilize local markets as much as possible. Thai markets are usually crowded and chaotic, but also full of deals if you know how to look for them. Stores in larger supermarkets often mark up the prices on items like rice and beans, while fresh produce is often significantly cheaper at outdoor markets. Most Bangkok markets specialize in particular products so don’t be afraid to explore different streets and find the right places for you. By shopping local and taking advantage of market deals you can make sure that your plant-based/vegan diet doesn’t have to break the bank.

Bangkok also has a lot of vegan-specific stores that are great for stocking up. For grocery items, Natureland is a popular store with an emphasis on fresh and organic produce. If cooking isn't your thing, there are also excellent vegan bakeries where you can find ready to eat food like cookies, muffins, sandwiches and more – all without breaking the bank. There’s also this amazing new restaurant, Pranaa (wink wink) that specializes with affordable, clean, exquisite food and ambiance.

Make Friends with Locals or Other Vegans Who Could Give You Tips on Good Places to Eat.

Local vegans know the best deals and can tell you about eateries offering great food at even better prices! Alternatively, try to find events/gatherings like vegan potlucks or group trips to vegan restaurants. This is a great way of meeting locals, having fun and discovering new restaurants and getting insider tips on meal deals that aren’t advertised. You can use social media and meetup groups to connect with fellow plant-based/vegans living in Bangkok.

Bangkok has plenty of options for plant-based/vegans and making friends with the locals or other like-minded vegans will take you to places off the beaten track. Local markets often have great bargains and if you’re confident with bargaining, prices are sometimes even lower. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try different vendors. Thai cuisine is already naturally vegan friendly and a lot of dishes can be easily modified to be 100% vegan too, so don't hesitate to ask around or try something new!

It’s also a great idea to join vegan groups in your local area. Not only will you get to meet people who share the same beliefs and eating habits as you, but they often have amazing advice and insider tips on where to find the best vegan places in Bangkok. If you’re part of an expat group, why not ask your new friends for their cooking tips? You may discover unadvertised gems with vegan-friendly menus that otherwise wouldn’t never have heard about. Local vegans in Thailand also often know about cheaper prices on ingredients that might help make plant-based/vegan eating more cost effective.

Spend time perusing traditional markets and street-side vendors

Traditional markets, especially those held in open areas, are some of the best spots to find vegan and plant-based ingredients at affordable prices. Look for buckets of spices and produce, homemade curries and breads sold by street-side vendors, and try out local dishes that can be made with plant-based ingredients. Don't be shy about haggling either — vendors here understand the importance of getting a good price and will often give you a better deal than the asking price.

Bangkok's traditional markets sparkle with fresh produce and exotic flavors, and offer a wide variety of vegan and plant-based meals, snacks, and ingredients. Local vendors are often eager to introduce travelers to their favorite dishes. From fried vegan spring rolls with shredded cabbage, tofu, and bean sprouts to bubbling vegan pad ka pow curries made with onion, garlic, and sweet basil leaves — these markets are sure to have something satisfying for everyone. In addition to the delicious vegetarian dishes that can be found in Bangkok’s streetside markets for cheap prices, you can also find staple grocery items like noodles and rice paper sheets at incredibly low prices. So don't shy away from immigrant or rural markets when looking for healthy plant-based eats on a budget — they're sure to delight your taste buds while keeping your wallet happy!

When you’re at the markets, be sure to take your time perusing the various stalls and vendors. Trust the locals and try out local dishes that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. Be adventurous and go away from what's familiar, as some of the best vegan dishes are found in unlikely places. You may stumble into a delicious vegan or plant-based alternative, made with flavors unique to Thailand, like Jackfruit Pad Thai without egg, delicious Thai desserts made using Soy Milk, or even mushroom based stir fries! Plus, you'll get an experience like no other as traditional market owners warmly invite you to sample their wares!

Make Use Of Pranaa’s Credit System

On our website, you can go to our Buy Credits page and purchase one of three options ranging from ฿5,000, ฿10,000 or ฿15,000 worth of credits. The higher the number of credits you buy, the larger bonus credits you get! To elaborate: ฿5,000/- gives you 5% extra, totalling 5,250 credits. ฿10,000/- gives you 10% extra, totalling 11,000 credits. ฿15,000/- gives you 15% extra, totalling 17,250 credits. These credits never expire and are linked directly to your account. What’s more is that they streamline the payment process for you too! We’ve got your back so you don’t need to approve every payment through another portal. This system is ideal for regular customers or even anyone who is planning to spend around ฿5,000 over the course of any period of time with Pranaa as in the long run, you save money. And there’s more! Customers who’ve purchased credits from the Pranaa Store are eligible for our Reusable Box Program, where the majority of the main courses we sell as well as some of the side dishes have the option of being served in a reusable Tupperware box, that a customer can then return on any subsequent delivery. Upon receiving them back, we wash them and then reuse them. This is an initiative we’ve taken for our customers who are environmentally conscious about their carbon footprint. You know what they say, every single drop adds up to the ocean.

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